Pop-Under Inventors Win Big Bucks

By Deane Barker on October 22, 2003

Brothers sue Net company, win $4.3 million: Now they can hand that $4.3 million over to me for all the pain and suffering I went through looking at those stupid X-10 ads for so long.

“The Vanderhooks created Advertisement Banners.com from their parents’ Yorba Linda home.

It was one of the few companies to use ‘pop-under’ technology that allows advertisers to place their product pitches underneath computer Web sites so that a person sees the ads after they close their browser rather than being confronted by the more annoying ‘pop-up’ announcements while they’re looking at something else.

One of their first big clients was X10, whose security-camera ads soon began appearing all over the Internet.

‘When we found out they weren’t paying that bill, we were beyond distraught,’ recalled Chris Vanderhook.”