ESPN Poll Hacked

By on October 21, 2003 Page 2 ran a bracket tournament over the past couple of weeks to decide what team’s uniform was the best. The voting was done on the honor system…one person, one vote. Guess there is little honor when hacker sports fans are involved.

The Denver Broncos, the ‘winner’, had a little help in defeating the University of Michigan Wolverines football uniforms

“Trailing badly in the final round last Thursday, Denver received 20,000 consecutive overnight votes and 42,500 of the final 50,000 e-ballots cast…

…When the polls finally closed, the Broncos had rallied to post 137,257 votes, easily outdistancing Michigan’s 88,743. However, has discovered that 71,465 of those votes came from one IP address.”

ESPN disqualified the Broncos uniform and Michigan’s blue-and-maize was declared the winner. I’m sure demands of a recount have already begun.