1 Million Windows iTunes Downloads

By on October 20, 2003

… in only 3 1/2 days. And over a million songs purchased by those Windows users in the same amount of time.

See the Apple press release.

I wonder how high Bill Gates’ blood pressure is by now.



  1. Apple is not making much, if any, money directly through iTunes. The markup between what the record company gets and what they sell at is about 29 cents per song. Given the cost of their infrastructure, they’re probably running at a loss.

    Where Apple is going to make money is through the sales of their iPod. Dell will launch a similar music service soon, but again only as a way to boost sales of their MP3 players.

    Microsoft doesn’t have any comparible product. Right now, Apple is actually allowing Microsoft users to stay loyal to Windows OS since they can now use iTunes on their PCs.

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