Geek Test

By Deane Barker on May 28, 2003

I’m just a “Geek”. 24.65483%



  1. 30.37475% Total Geek here. Of course I gave myself 5 check marks at the end for “Has written a quarterly column called ‘Stump the Geek.'”

    BTW – Welcome back Deane.

  2. You guys are making me feel awful. I ranked 45.16765% – Super Geek, and the test omitted a LOT of things: computer science club president, developed own computer language, collect maps… The other day, my wife and I were discussing chemical formulas and atomic bonding in a restaurant. She told the waitress to take our order in a minute–after she figured out the results of a particular chemical reaction. And my wife is cool next to me. :( < -look I even use emoticons.

  3. 30.96647% – Total Geek

    but, HEY! did you write your own code for this site???? Is it HTML??? Would you share it with me????

  4. Hmmm….you figured my score would be higher than 31%. That test wasn’t very detailed. I think running a DC (distributed computing) farm, multiple flavors of Linux and the the BSD’s, programming non-stop in C, scripting in shell & perl, programming device drivers, developing the kernal, understanding public key cryptography, and being a self-taught linux admin at age sixteen would make for a higher geek score…

  5. Major Geek – borderline next category…. yes, I am a double major in math and computer science, yes, I read math books and computer science manuals for the hell of it, yes I have opted to do this instead of go to parties on friday and saturday nights.

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