Games Weren’t 3D When I Was Young

By on October 17, 2003

Growing up, we would always hear just how easy we had it over our parents and grandparents. We rode the school bus, they walked 5 miles, up hill, both ways, through waist deep snow in the summer. We watched cartoons on a color TV, they listened to The Lone Ranger on the radio and only dreamed of the day they could have a black and white TV. We had Pong and the original Atari, they had to play real games…outside. Our response, ‘Yeah, right…pass the remote’.

So what does the next generation think of the tough times we had growing up? Having to play Donkey Kong in an arcade and wishing we could get a Atari when it came out. Electronic Gaming Monthly got nine kids to play the games of our youth—Pong, Tetris, Handheld Football, Donkey Kong, ET—and their responses were hilarious.


“John: Tim, how could you miss that? It was going like 1 m.p.h.
Sheldon: Hey, why does it say Sears on the controller?”

Gotta just love the fact that these kids were playing Pong on a wide-screen projection TV…they should have dug out a 12 inch black and white with no vertical control…that’s how we had to play it!!

Via a story on Boing Boing.