We Buy Gadgets We Never Use

By Deane Barker on October 15, 2003

Seductive Electronic Gadgets Are Soon Forgotten: Here’s a newsflash: we buy gadgets that we never use. I’m shocked.

“Gadgets bought and barely used are the technology world’s equivalent of exercise equipment. Often purchased in a well-intentioned bout of self-improvement, they are opened, used once or twice, then abandoned. Sometimes they never make it out of the box. […]

People acquire these things — hand-held personal digital assistants, flatbed scanners, compact disc copiers and a host of other objects &mdash because they promise to make life more efficient, more fun, or, some confess, simply because they appear to help them keep up with what their “wired” friends and neighbors have.”

I don’t really have this luxury, because my wife is pretty brutal about keeping track of what I buy. I have a Palm V that’s a nice paperweight, but that’s about it.

(So which one of the Gadgetopia geeks is the most likely to buy stuff and not use it? Don’t worry, Joe, I won’t tell them it’s you.)