China Gets the Bronze!

By on October 14, 2003

Congrats goes out to the Chinese as they have successfully launched a person into space. Looks like space will be getting a little more crowded, but at least the food will be good. NASA better watch out, price for sending people and payload into orbit will soon take a tumble.

“The Long March 2F rocket carrying ‘taikonaut’ Yang Li Wei lifted off from a pad in the Gobi desert at 9 a.m. and entered its predetermined orbit 10 minutes later in a launch the official Xinhua news agency quickly declared a success.

[…] Yang, 38, is part of an historic mission which, if completed, will make China just the third nation to successfully put a man into space — and return him to Earth — over 40 years behind the former Soviet Union and the United States.”

They’ve worked hard to make this happen since the US and Russian space programs left them in the dust 40 years ago. Let’s wish them well on bringing home a new Chinese national hero.



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