Web Sites and Terrorist Groups

By Deane Barker on October 13, 2003

Web Sites Listed as ‘Terror’ Groups: This seems a little fishy to me. Is the enemy the Web site, or the organization behind it? If you give money to a “Web site,” you’re really giving money to the organization that runs the site, right?

“The United States has added Web sites to its list of “foreign terrorist organizations” for the first time, under the category of aliases for conventional groups […]

Under U.S. law, it would be illegal to provide money or other material support to the designated Web sites, the people who run them could be denied U.S. visas and U.S. banks must block their funds. The State Department said it was yet clear how this would work in practice.”

I guess the theory is that Web sites are “aliases” for the groups behind them. Is this just protection against people who feign ignorance? “I thought I was just giving money to eBay…I swear!”



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