A Hotspot’s Worst Fear: The Field Trip

By Deane Barker on October 10, 2003

Companies lining up for state’s huge laptop order: And they’re all going to be wireless-capable, too.

“Michigan is getting ready to place a technology order that just may be the biggest single purchase of computers ever ‐ 130,000 laptops, enough to give one to every sixth-grade student in the state. […]

That’s one reason Michael Dell, founder of the computer company bearing his last name, just happened to pay a visit to the state last week. […]

That’s also why Apple Computer hosted a dinner of its own a couple of weeks ago for key members of its Michigan user groups, urging them to spread the word and use their influence among their educational contacts.”

Via Slashdot



  1. Hmm, giving every sixth grader a laptop: is it just me or does that have “bad idea” written all over it? Quake or Counterstrike on ad-hoc WiFi, anyone?

    The real sad part is that a some of these kids they will be giving $800 laptops to will probably go home to empty bellies at night wondering if those $800 of taxes might have benefitted them in other ways besides a laptop.

    If this were for college students, great. High school kids maybe. But sixth graders?

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