The Phenomenon of the GoogleNack

By Deane Barker on October 10, 2003

Google Spam Filtering Gone Bad: Funny things going on with Google. Seth Finkelstein has identified what he calls a “GoogleNack” — when a Google results page trips over a spam site and removes a big chunk of the results.

“The suppressed sites should be quietly removed from the items returned. However, the following glitch would explain the behavior observed here:

The result display is stopping on the first spam (to be suppressed) result

That is, when a spam site would be removed, and then the next (non-spam) site would be returned, instead the result display is simply crashing.”

Between this and the “never talk about AdSense” PR mess, Google’s image is taking a hit these days. Bad timing, with Microsoft’s MSNBot and Amazon’s A9 breathing down their necks.