Active and Passive Learning

By Deane Barker on October 10, 2003

The value of passivity: I’m more and more interested in instructional techniques and the psychology of learning these days due to my work on The Joshua Project. Here are some great thoughts on active and passive learning.

“Passivity is a missing element in many online courses I take. For years, the push to make learning engaging and interactive has produced a ‘fight for every scrap of knowledge’ environment. It puts too much pressure on the learners…and it’s demotivating. […]

Learning requires both ‘doing’ and ‘reflecting.’ If courses don’t build in some type of passivity, the learning experience might not allow for much reflection. Sometimes, staring at a wall is the best learning moment.”

elearnspace is a great blog, incidentally, if you’re involved in any kind of educational and training programs.