Exploding Cell Phones

By Deane Barker on October 10, 2003

Pop Goes the Cell Phone: Between this and the electrifying Wi-Fi patch, gadgets are getting dangerous.

“Nokia on Thursday pointed the finger at counterfeit batteries after another of its phones exploded and burned its user, the third such case in two months, and said that original batteries sold with its phones were safe.”

Kyocera is apparently having the same problem.

“Kyocera Wireless has stopped shipping one of its Phantom models of cell phones after an Omaha, Neb., family reported the phone blew up, a company representative said Thursday.”



  1. Its all just a big conspiracy…the whole cell-phone industry. Its the spanish that are putting our governments up to it… they are trying to kill us off, slowly and steadily one by one. Those bastards. Ive even heard they are connected to the KKK, they are behind every major consipracy. As human beings we need to stand up for our right to talk freely without being killed or mutilated! Spread the word! To all corners of the earth! Dump the Skunk, Cell phones are Bunk!!

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