More Stolen Web Content

By Deane Barker on October 9, 2003

Blatant Plagiarism: Another instance of Web content being stolen, just like Shirley’s a couple of weeks ago. And, just like that instance, they took the page down after word leaked out.

“Not only is our text being used word-for-word, but two of the images (for Syndic8 and Daypop) are images that we made ourselves (with permission), since there wasn’t anything else available. Too bad they’re not linking to the images on my server — I could have some fun.”

The bit about having some fun if they were hijacking images reminded me of this story, where Rob from did just that to a guy who was linked to his images for an eBay listing. Unbeknowst to the hijacker, Greg replaced the image with one that included this text:

“Whoa! This is not my photo. I stole it just like I stole all the movies I’m selling…”