Syncato and Fun with XPath

By Deane Barker on October 9, 2003

Introducing Syncato: Since this thing is run using XML, this guy has written some fun XPath queries to prove his point: “A list of all pages I’ve ever linked to as XML,” “The title of all posts made on August 14 as text,” etc.

“Syncato is the new Weblog system that runs this site now. It is written in Python and uses Sleepycat Berkeley DB XML for its database. The system is heavily based around XPath manipulation of XML data. All presentation is handled through XSL-T and I built some extension modules that tie Berkeley DB XML into libxslt.”

Sam Ruby got even funkier with it. He offers “The last 20 entries which…have comments by Asbjørn Ulsberg…cite Jon Udell…have 100 or more comments…have a separate summary.”