Free Python Book

By Deane Barker on October 9, 2003

Dive Into Python: I’ll always post about a free book. I love free books.

“Dive Into Python is a free Python book for experienced programmers. You can read the book online, or download it in a variety of formats. It is also available in multiple languages.”

Incidentally, Python and Zope (which we talked about yesterday) are very touchy-feeling with each other. If I remember correctly, all Zope scripting is in Python, which is the first language I’ve ever seen that uses indenting as a code framework.

Python was a shiny object that I had a brief fling with for a few days last year. I remember being able to do some cool things very quickly.

Python also proved a theory: the rate of adoption for a new language is directly proportional to the amount of shelf space it occupies at the local Barnes and Noble. Python’s shelf space has grown steadily over the last few years. Lately, I’m seeing a lot more books on Ruby.



  1. Re: relationship between Python and Zope – Zope is actually mostly written in Python.

    The practical upshot of this is that not only is most application scripting done in Python, but that Zope is easily extended with new object types (which can encapsulate whole applications) by writing Python code as well.

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