Inuit Apologizes for Turbo Tax DRM

By Deane Barker on October 9, 2003

Intuit to TurboTax users: We’re sorry” This is refreshing. DRM on that app caused a lot of people a lot of aggravation.

“Financial software and services company Intuit has apologized for its recent experiments with antipiracy technology and is vowing not to repeat the experience.

In an open letter to customers, set to run as an ad Thursday in several major publications, the software maker acknowledges that its decision to add product activation last year to its TurboTax tax preparation software went awry.

”’ want to personally apologize for any frustration you may have experienced due to the restrictions that came with our use of antipiracy technology,’ Tom Allanson, Intuit’s general manager for TurboTax, said in the letter. ‘I’ve talked one-on-one with quite a few customers, so I know this caused some of you considerable hassle and inconvenience.’”

What interesting about this software is that the “piracy window” is very short. Each version can only be used for one tax year, so the app has an anti-piracy tool built-in.



  1. I went the other direction with tax software last year; I had used TaxCut for 4 years, but last year they changed their pricing structure for Mac products, nearly doubling the cost of the software. Sure it was the higher-level product, but that contained a lot of ‘features’ I don’t need. So I went with TurboTax, which was just a little less expensive, but I, along with lots of other Mac users, wanted to send a message to H&R Block. That and I’m kinda cheap that way.

    I found nothing in the Mac version of TurboTax that hindered me from using it. Maybe they know that Mac users are generally more trustworthy, so didn’t bother with the anti-piracy code. ;o)

  2. I too was upset with Intuit for the restrictions included with the 2002 software. TurboTax’s arrogant move destroyed the loyalty they had built over the years.

    I went ahead and bought the 2003 version but if I can’t put it on both my home and office machines, print at either location and do a few returns (some friends and family) then I’ll be buying TaxCut next year. The filling fees should be enough for Intuit.

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