Living in the Blog-osphere

By Deane Barker on September 3, 2002

Living in the Blog-osphere (BAD LINK: this link has gone bad as of July 2003): Another good, general article on blogging from NewsWeek. Covers all the basics, and has an interesting story…

“The blog format lends itself to a new kind of reporting: on-the-spot recording of events, instantly beamed to the Net. … A few weeks ago at a Harvard Law School seminar, a Microsoft executive declined to respond to a question, citing his reluctance to answer while three people in the audience were blogging their observations to the world.”

And consider this…

“When high-speed wireless connections become pervasive, we may see bloggers supplementing their daily dispatches with audio and video. The mind boggles at the intellectual-property complications (who owns images snatched from the world at large?).”