Innovation in the Marketplace

By on October 1, 2003

In an attempt to gauge perceived innovation in the marketplace, Cheskin and Fitch Worldwide conducted a survey of corporate CEO’s, and just released their report. You can download a pdf version of the report from Fitch Worldwide (if you can find your way through the maze they call a home page!)

The results are somewhat predictable; tech companies are more innovative than their non-tech counterparts. One finding that has me scratching my head is that Microsoft and Dell are seen as more innovative than Apple. I guess that can be explained somewhat by the fact that those interviewed (CEO business-types) are looking more at marketplace innovation than product and technical innovation, and are exposed more to Wintel products. With those assumptions, it’s surprising to find Apple ranked No. 3 on that list.

If you don’t want to download the pdf, a good summary of the report can be found on BusinessWire.