TriggerPack CD Cases

By on October 1, 2003

I just opened the box on a new LaCie CD writer, and they were kind enough to include a blank CD with it. Not a huge deal, but that CD-R was in a TriggerPack case, which is so cool I hardly noticed the Porsche-designed housing on the drive.

One end of the case has a slot you stick the CD into; the opposite end has a little plastic trigger which is part of a lever that pushes the CD out. The lever gives the CD just enough kick to get the center to the edge so you can pull it out without getting greasy fingerprints all over the writable surface.

There’s also a version with a pop-open cover for booklets. Cost is about 50 cents a piece for the regular, and 70 cents with the pop-open cover, purchased in case quantities; a bit on the high end, but what price coolness?

Maybe this is nothing new, but it’s the first I’ve seen or heard of it. It even works with Windows CD’s.