Packt Publishing

By Deane Barker on October 1, 2003

Welcome to Packt Publishing: This is a new IT book publisher.

“Packt is a new publishing company for IT professionals. We publish books that provide solutions to real problems. People rely on you for solutions.”

Before you write this off as cheesy marketing copy, take a look at the titles coming in 2004. Any publisher who takes the time to write books on eZPublish or Plone has my vote.



  1. Is that the same David Maclean that was in charge of Peer and Wrox, et al? It seems like it links to Packt, so I’d assume you are, in fact, one and the same.

    Wow, I’m surprised that after you guys killed the entire Peer company and left that many authors to hang without any royalties or being paid for their work, you’d have the nerve to start up another book publishing company only a few months after the last bankruptcy. I mean, wow, it would appear that the liquidators would have barely dealt with Peer and its assets and you guys were already starting up a new company and back to paying authors rock bottom prices for rushed manuscripts. I happened to be one of the authors that Glasshaus approached and asked to contribute to a book, and then once the book was complete and delivered you guys folded and left me out to dry, but nice to see that the Maclean brothers rebounded nicely and are back in the comfy chairs soliciting more authors.

    I wish you the best of luck, you guys will need it.

    For more information on Packt and Wrox, you can check out Bruce Lawson’s blog at

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