Everyone His Own Dean Hacker

By Deane Barker on September 30, 2003

Dean for America: Web Community Kits: Do you support Howard Dean for president? Then you too can have your own Web site.

“These kits create fully featured campaign web community sites, such as Upper Valley for Dean and Seniors for Dean and Connecticut for Dean. These kits provide their members with powerful web tools for organizing their People-Powered-Howard campaigns.

These communities provide their users with completely customizable websites that feature searchable forums, blogs, picture galleries, book creation tools, endorsement letter servers, and Get Local event calendars. These kits are used to organize grassroots campaigners for outreach and action, and to create engaging and interactive public websites.”

It won’t be long before someone uses these for an opposiing candidate and thinks that’s an awfully sneaky thing to do. Ho, ho, you subversive, you.