WiFi Speed Spray

By Deane Barker on September 29, 2003

WiFi Speed Spray: I’ve been waiting for this.

“The patented formula in WiFi Speed Spray is the result of years of scientific research and testing. Simply spray the area around your computer. Usually five or six sprays is all it takes. As your computer sends data, each bit also carries hundreds of invisible WiFi Speed Spray ‘scrubbing’ molecules. It works at the speed of light. and even penetrates lead walls (not even Superman can do that!). Within .0025 seconds, the entire path between you and the receiver is cleaned, scrubbed, polished, and sanitized. You’ll notice the improvement immediately as your productivity soars!.”

Via MetaFilter.



  1. Does this mean that if my computer is upstairs and my router is downstairs, there will wind up being a little clean spot on the carpet in my office?

  2. If that works, I will take 8 cases.

    I’ll need to make sure that I don’t hold him up there while checking gadgetopia comments, though. Those diapers aren’t designed to handle bulls**t. ;-)

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