IBM Releases the Hounds

By Deane Barker on September 29, 2003

Big Blue Fires Away: IBM isn’t a company to sit idly by and get screwed…I mean, sued. I pity the fool that awakens that beast.

“IBM, which is being sued by Lindon, Utah-based SCO for embedding parts of SCO’s Unix software code in versions of the free Linux operating system, filed counterclaims on Thursday that SCO has ‘misused and is misusing, its purported rights to the Unix operating system,’ a widely-used software platform for networked computers.”

I predict that two years from now, SCO will wish it had never gotten into this mess. I don’t see IBM dropping this suit as settlement bait either. I predict they’re going to beat SCO into the ground with it. Pass me some popcorn, ‘cause this is gonna be good.