TCP/IP via Bongo Drums

By on September 29, 2003

I love crap like this. This was done as a (very capable) demonstration that the physical/datalink and network/transport layers of the TCP/IP stack are completely seperable. Read all about it.

“After typing the ping command, Danny tapped smartly on the enter key, and a hush fell upon the room as the students waited to see what would happen. There was a short pause, and then suddenly the primitive sounds of a message being beaten out on a set of bongos filled the air.”

Via Boing Boing.



  1. One of the ideas that makes the Internet go is the idea that a network is divided into layers. In the example of a computer on an ethernet wire, things look like this:

    Physical Layer: CAT5 ethernet cable, Network cards Datalink Layer: Ethernet Driver Software Network Layer: Internet Procotol (IP) Transport Layer: Transport Control Protocol (TCP) Session, Presentation, Application Layers: HTTP

    These guys took those bottom layers and made it look like this: Physical Layer: Sound and bongo drums Datalink Layer: Funky homebrew code

    So instead of hooking a computer to the ‘Net with copper wire and modems/network cards, they did it with bongo drums, and all of the upper layers could care less. Pretty cool.

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