Style Master 3

By Deane Barker on September 26, 2003

Style Master Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) Editor: Western Civilisation has released Style Master 3. We’ve talked about this software before. About a year ago, we said.

“…I don’t see a need for it, really. It’s a GUI for building CSS sheets with controls for just about every possible directive and value. But, is writing CSS manually that hard to begin with?”

However, I think I’m going to change my tune on this. I downloaded Style Master 3 and played with it for a while, and it’s really handy. Auto-formatting, sheet outlines, current rule preview — there are a lot of really valuable things built in here.

Additionally, we recently had a discussion here about the future of HTML and CSS:

“…the number of HTML tags you really need is getting smaller and smaller. I identified, I think, six that you can’t live without, and the simple fact is that you could make an entire page with nothing but a bunch of DIV tags and a good stylesheet.”

Given that the amount of HTML in the average Web page is diminishing, and the amount of CSS is increasing, perhaps Style Master would be a wiser purchase than the average HTML WYSIWYG editor.