GTA Lawsuit

By Deane Barker on September 26, 2003

$100m Grand Theft Auto lawsuit threatens to become class action: Thank God they weren’t playing Vice City.

“…the case arises from an incident where two boys, aged 16 and 14 years old, opened fire on vehicles on a highway with a .22 rifle, killing one man and injuring another person severely.

The family of the dead victim plans to sue Take-Two after the boys said that they were acting out something they had seen in their favourite videogame – Grand Theft Auto 3.”



  1. aww I feel sorry for that 16 year old and 14 year old take two should pay for releaseing such an evil game. aw what a load a crap we people need to quit blaiming the media for our actions. It is stupid and pointless to whine because parents dont like violence in video games. anyways the teens are old enough to distinquish between reality and make believe. oh parents out there trying to get this game banned guess what I am a gta nut I have been playing thew series since i was 12 and I never shot any one. now the real culprit is both the parents and the game shop they bought the game at. isnt there a law passed in certain states that the shop must card the person who perchased the game in the first place? and what about the esrb rating. guess what parents esrb is not a rap group kids listen to they dont have a song called “where my MA hoes at”the esrb system is the little letters on the corner of the came and do you know what ma means it means mature audiances not must attract young killers. only people 17 and older may perchase these games you dumb game shop.who my little bro who is 14 loves the heck outta gta but guess what he is not a killer. what a coincidence. the teens are using gta as a means of getting away with thier punishement they did it because they wanted to. kids are not innoscient anymore they are young adults and television is not our teacher at that age. dont take away our freedom of expression just think that is what life was like in certain states back in the 80s and they did not have gta back in the day.!!!! so blame the child not the game.

  2. I totally agree with codemasterdavis. If you don’t have enough intellect that this game is in fact a game and not a training tool, maybe you should not be playing games at all. I am shaking my head thinking of how stupid and obviously void this trial is.

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