New Anti-Spam Approach: Remove the Demand

By on September 26, 2003

Australia’s Internet Industry Association is launching a new campaign to educate consumers on the best way to eliminate spam: “Don’t try – Don’t buy – Don’t reply”.

“‘Spam is the unwelcome by-product of a largely free and open email system’, says IIA chief executive, Peter Coroneos. ‘Spammers are freeriding on the system because their costs are very low relative to their returns. The economics of spam are simple. Send millions, and if a few respond you make a profit. We want the few to understand that their innocent actions are keeping spammers in business. Worse still, many are being scammed, with the US Federal Trade Commission estimating over 70% of spam is either fraudulent, misleading or deceptive.’”

Big names supporting their cause…

“Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo!, Junkbusters, and Consumers International (representing 250 consumer organisations in 110 countries) have quickly added their weight to the initiative.”

Who is in control? You…

“In conclusion, Mr Coroneos stated: ‘We expect that within weeks, the momentum set in train by this unprecedented global campaign will begin to modify user behaviour. A clear message will resonate to users across the internet: The power is in your hands to reject the invasion of illegitimate email, and take back control of your inboxes.’”

Finally, a free-market style solution to a problem instead of a lawsuit. Refreshing. Will it work…probably not. Is it worth a shot…yes. Anything to educate the general internet population on the evil that is spam is worth it. Until then, SpamBayes will remain in place.



  1. This is a great idea, but I doubt it will have much effect. Spammers & telemarketers need a positive response from only a small percentage of their contacts as encouragement to keep bothering the rest of us. How about severe penalties for the boneheads that actually pay attention to the spammers?

    Too bad God didn’t make stupidity painful. That could’ve solved lots of problems.

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