Tricky Spammers

By Deane Barker on April 9, 2003

Spammers have gotten inventive. We’ve starting getting spam that appears to come from someone else in the office. For instance, Rachel the administrative assistant has started getting spam from “dbarker.” She thinks it’s from me, so she opens it.

What these spammers have done is match up harvested email addresses by domain name, then they use the email account name of one person at a certain domain as the “from” name on a spam to another person at the same domain. The second person gets the spam, sees the first person’s account name as the sender, and opens it.

It’s not perfect because emails from me should be from “Deane Barker,” not “dbarker.” Regardless, it’s caused a lot of confusion around here. Rachel was asking me if I she needed to buy printer ink because of the email I sent her. Given some of the porn spam (that links to a news article, not a sample) I’ve been getting lately, I sent an email to everyone in the office warning them about these emails.

Tricky bastards.