You Can’t Bite It Anymore, You Need a Hacksaw

By on September 26, 2003

Apple has put a new spin on their logo as part of the upcoming ‘Panther’ release of OSX.

“It is not clear whether Apple will adopt the new silver logo for product design, marketing and packaging, or simply restrict it to the new software.

Whatever Apple decides to do, the new logo got a hearty endorsement from Rob Janoff, the graphic designer who created Apple’s original, rainbow-striped logo.

‘It freshens it up,’ Janoff said of the new color scheme. ‘It’s great to take an image and keep revising it and making it better. I’m totally into it.’”

The Wired Article that covers this appears to be missing its images (tech problem or legal problem?) but I found one on AppleInsider

How’s it look, Dave?



  1. I dunno; I’m still rather fond of the old rainbow-style logo myself. But the new logo will fit nicely with OS X graphics.

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