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By Deane Barker on September 25, 2003

Toward a Weblogging Empire: This is about the new Weblogs Inc. site that’s launching.

“The former editor of the Silicon Alley Reporter, the once high-flying chronicle of Manhattan’s high-tech mania, plans this week to launch a new venture, Weblogsinc, that intends to make a go of publishing business-to-business blogs.

Essentially, Calacanis’ goal is to turn Weblogsinc into an umbrella for blogs, a for-profit center that dishes daily on as many as 300 topics and scores revenue from sources like advertising, events and classified listings. He expects the topics to fall under four main categories: media, finance, technology and life sciences.”

This reminds me of The Blogging Network — I site which I haven’t heard boo about since it launched last year. Anyone know how that’s doing?



  1. Weblogsinc is going to give bloggers 50% of the profits after hardware costs and sales commissons are paid. So, assuming commissions are 30%… for every $10,000 in advertising revenue, a blogger will get let’s say… hmm… $2000? Sounds like Calcanis has basically replicated the cost structure of traditional media, minus the printing presses.

  2. Now blogit…. no better than it was last year this time… possible going downhill….

    you can’t make money when the member base does not increase because of message board mentality.

  3. Blogging Network is now Blogit, growing larger and more interesting all the time. They give back to members 50 percent of the monthly fees off the top before covering operating costs. Very fair I think!

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