Fog Creek Offices

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2003

Bionic Office: I’ve been waiting for this post for a while, ever since reading Joel’s (hysterical) treatise on how he found his new office. He’s now had it built out and here are the details and the pictures.

“The monthly rent for our offices, when fully occupied, will run about $700 per employee. The build-out was done on budget and paid for almost entirely by the landlord. I suspect that $700 per person is on the high side for software developers throughout the world, but if it means we can hire from the 99.9 percentile instead of the 99 percentile, it’ll be worth it.”

If you like cool offices, Second Story Studios is a another great one. They have a frameset here, which is evil because I can’t link direct, but click on the “Studio” link at the bottom and start running your mouse over the Flash element at the top of the page.

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