Zap Your PRAM

By Deane Barker on September 24, 2003

Zap Your PRAM: The guys over at silverorange were kind enough to invite me to their conference coming up in October:

“The Zap Your PRAM Conference is a gathering of creative professionals, academics, and intriguing people from around the world interested in design, the web, and emerging technologies. It’s a conference to relax and discuss current issues in technology, business, and whatever else comes up. A kind of think-tank, conference, have-a-conversation, type of gathering.”

They did this only because I alerted them to a blatant case of copyright infringement, but I was grateful for the invite all the same.

The conference in on Prince Edward Island and it’s limited to 40 people. Several of these people are from silverorange and Reinvented, and I’d love to jaw with those guys for a while. [sigh] I’ll just read the blogs, I guess.