Google Location Search

By Deane Barker on September 23, 2003

Google tests local search

“Google is experimenting with search results tailored to a person’s geographic location, after a similar move by rival Overture Services.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Google said Monday that Google Labs, the search company’s research-and-development arm, unveiled a program that lets people type in a search term, along with an address or ZIP code, to find Web results and a miniature map from within the area.”

The page is here. I typed in “web developers” and the zip “57108” and Sling and Rock didn’t come up, which is a little depressing. It’d throw a “Server Error” on about every second attempt.



  1. Cool! I wonder if it would pick an address out of a META tag. I have a feeling if this feature makes it’s way to Google’s front page, we’re going to start seeing addresses in the footer of every page on the web.

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