Apple Working on Screen Reader for the Blind

By on September 22, 2003

Apple Computer is looking to hire developers to put together a new screen reader app that will add the ultimate usability option for blind folks.

We are looking for a Software developer responsible for the design, implementation and testing of a Screen Reader application on Mac OS X that needs to be built from scratch. The application will convert all on-screen data (text, objects and controls) to speech or braille enabling a blind or partially signed user to use a Mac. The application will utilize various technologies in the OS including accessibility, speech, web browsers and text. As part of developing the screen reader application, the engineer is responsible for communicating and driving new APIs in other parts of the OS required to develop the application.

Reminds me of my days working at Citibank; a guy worked customer service who was totally blind, and his computer (actually a terminal at that time) talked into one ear while he listened to customers in the other. I would think that the screen reader is a much better idea.