The Google AdSense Approval (Rejection?) Process

By Deane Barker on September 22, 2003

Making Sense of AdSense: Don’t feel bad, Anil, Gadgetopia was rejected too. We still can’t figure out why.

“There’s a far more serious problem with AdSense, though. The approval system is capricious, even arbitrary. It’s understandable that Google wants to make sure sites aren’t just ad farms, and it’s in everyone’s interest that quality be maintained, ideally by human verifiers. Nobody wants to see those sad Red Cross PSAs that take the place of house ads on poorly-indexed sites.

The human verification process at Google, though, is uncharacteristically opaque. I’d assume they factor in the ads which would run on a site before approving or denying an application, and if I take a look at my site’s potential ads, I see some of value. Ads specifically targeted to weblog software, Manhattan computer repair, New York hotels. These all seem relevant and valuable to me, but I’ve been repeatedly rejected.”



  1. Hi there again,

    after some weeks of discussions with the adsense-folks I finally got into the program in August… I like the performance – some dollars to pay the internet charges after all…


    PS: oh – and for the comment-spamming be sure to use MT-BLACKLIST I wrote about on my page.

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