Redhat Enterprise Content Management System

By Deane Barker on April 7, 2003 | Content Management System: Redhat — the Linux OS company — has released an “Enterprise content management system” (screenshot at the above address). So are you an applications company or an operating system company? Does having a toe in both pools make you worse in either?



  1. True, but does Red Hat have the market power to do both? Red Hat is a solid company, but they’re not Microsoft, Sun, or Apple, either.

  2. I’ve been reading the last couple days about the fall of ArsDigita — the dot-com that crashed and then was eventually bought by RedHat. They were the creators of ACS (ArsDigita Community System). I wonder how much of that made it’s way into RedHat’s CMS. Early versions of ACS (3.x) were written in Tcl running on AOLServer (, but ACS 4+ was a Java product.

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