Dewey Decimal Hotel Sued

By Deane Barker on September 21, 2003

Dewey Decimal system owner sues hotel: Not a tech thing, but since most computer geeks were (are?) library geeks at one point in their lives, this is interesting.

“The nonprofit library cooperative that owns the Dewey Decimal system has filed suit against a library-themed luxury hotel in Manhattan for trademark infringement.

The Library Hotel, which overlooks the New York Public Library, is divided according to the classification system, with each floor dedicated to one of Dewey’s 10 categories.

Room 700.003 includes books on the performing arts, for example, while room 800.001 has a collection of erotic literature.”

More interesting than the news that they’re getting sued is the fact that this place even exists. This page has some pictures.

Does this mean that the computer geek rooms would all be on the ground floor? According to the latest Dewey spec, “Computers, information & general reference” runs from 000 to 100. Does this leave us in the basement?

Turns out the “computer lab” is on the second floor — a clear example of a patron re-shelving it themselves.