Thoughts on Software Adoption

By Deane Barker on September 21, 2003

Why Microsoft won’t beat Six Apart: A good article on how and why software gets adopted by the masses. Interesting information on what happened with Quark.

“I wouldn’t worry too much yet, because no team has asked me the important question yet. What’s that? ‘How do you get the A-list bloggers using Microsoft’s stuff?’ …

So, now, what happens in the weblog world? Same thing. New weblog readers come in because someone told them to start reading Glenn Reynolds or Cory Doctorow or Leo Laporte or Chris Pirillo or Dave Winer or Mark Pilgrim (or put in your favorite “big name” weblogger here) and if they get interested enough in weblogging to start their own blog, they’ll ask the pro. “How do I get started, what tool do you recommend?”“

The bigger question: How could they mention “A-list” without mentioning me? (Oh, relax, I’m kidding…)



  1. Deane – I realize you were kidding, but wouldn’t being on the B-list be just as satisfying (perhaps not as business useful as one would deduce that the A-list bloggers get more traffic)? Still means you are “good” and yet you are flying a bit under many troll radars :)

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