Apple Still Isn’t Dead

By on September 20, 2003

The Apple Deathknell Counter shows that Apple Computer has been declared dead or dying 27 times in various major publications since 1995. And there are still articles almost weekly, especially following new product announcements, complaining about how Apple does business. But can you argue with a computer company whose 3-year-old second-hand hardware still sells for more than most entry-level Wintel machines?

As I’ve always said, whenever the pundits say that Apple is on its way out, it’s just a great time to buy Apple stock. (but have I had the sense or the cash to follow my own advice? Noooo!)



  1. Thank goodness the rest of Apple’s line-up is better than their pitiful 17″ LCD monitor!

    The thread on Apple’s discussion board is up to 144 entries, mostly dissatisfied owners whose monitors are experiencing backlight or voltage inverter problems roughly corresponding with the warranty expiration. I’m one of those unfortunates.

    I still wish I’d bought APL the last time it hit $12.

  2. “But can you argue with a computer company whose 3-year-old second-hand hardware still sells for more than most entry-level Wintel machines?”

    In some ways, though, this is the problem. While I think Macs are fine machine, there’s no way I would get three times the value out of one to justify three times the price. Just no way.

  3. It’s not always value that you are buying by paying more. I know given the choice and if the money was in your wallet, you’d buy a BMW over a Kia. Yet both still do the same thing — get you from point a to point b. PCs are the same way. A wintel box will get you to the internet and store your digital pictures. With a Mac you pay more for the experience and ease of use. Yet it still does the same things as a PC.

    The same situation currently exists with cel phones today. Is having a camera on your phone essential to placing a call? No. Do people pay $200 more for a phone that does? You bet.

    That’s how I see it. You’re results may vary.

  4. The Mac may do “the same things as a PC”, but there are lots of tangible things that make Macs worth more than their PC counterparts. Macs beat Wintel machines into the dirt in terms of longetivity, ease of use, and serviceability. When I buy a Mac, either for my employer or for my family, I know that machine is going to be in service for a good long time, won’t give huge headaches in getting it to do what I want it to do, and won’t be a nightmare to fix if it gives problems.

    Right now I’ve got a G4 laptop that I’ve been carrying since June of 2000, and it’s running all the latest software & can use all the latest add-ons. I see very little reason to replace it for at least a couple of years. At home it’s a similar story; we use a five-year-old beige G3 that runs OS 9 and OS X and does everything we want or need it to do. I like changing computers as much as I like moving from one house to another. The hassles of moving greatly outweigh the newness factor.

    Have you replaced your PC lately?

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