No Email Policy

By Deane Barker on September 19, 2003

British boss bans e-mail: This is a very interesting thought.

“John Caudwell, CEO of High Street mobile retailer Phones 4U, announced Thursday that he’ll ban all employees from using e-mail across the business.

The reasoning behind the total ban is apparently to improve productivity by reducing the time Phones 4U employees spend unnecessarily on e-mail — which Caudwell estimates will save the company around $1.6 million (1 million British pounds) a month.”

Rather than scoff (which I know you’re doing right now), think about it — has email in the office improved your productivity, or reduced it? I say every office designate a “no email” week, and see how that works. Only apply the policy to inter-office email — external email from customers and vendors would be handled as normal.

Business was around long before email, and things would crumble without Outlook.



  1. This British boss is making news at the same time as the British gov’t on the same issue. FoxNews is reporting that the Brits are placing a ban on all email generated from within the country which is received without the users concent. Apparently this is an EU requirement.,2933,97761,00.html

    All this will do is move the spam industry to smaller, developing countries with no scrupples on the matter, but it is a start.

  2. OK, before I get ripped apart by other readers, I read the original post too quickly and thought it was regarding spam. Oops.

  3. I thought this was ludicrous. The problem isn’t email, it’s poor use of email. I’ve worked at places like these where everyone sends out stupid emails for the smallest thing and CC’s the entire office, just in case. No wonder everyone ends up flooded with email and ends up never reading anything.

    So instead of fixing the cause of the problem and learning to use the tool effectively, they decide to chuck the tool out. Meh. Best of luck to them.

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