Project Video on…Nothing

By on September 15, 2003

Making a video screen out of thin air: I’ve been waiting for someone to invent this for 20 years.

“…in Hermosa Beach, California, a graduate student passes his hand through an image of a DNA strand produced — apparently out of thin air — by a modified video projector.

‘This is something that people have been dreaming about for a long time,’ said Chad Dyner, 29, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and inventor of Heliodisplay, one of the prototype display systems. ‘Ever since the movie “Star Wars”’ came out and there was a distress call from Princess Leia,’ &mdash generated in thin air by the robot R2D2 — “people all over the world have been wanting one of these.’”

Now if they could just figure out how the light saber worked.