New Spam Theory: Pay the Spammers

By Deane Barker on September 15, 2003

Paying Spammers Not to Spam: A novel theory, but I’m against anything that aids spammers. They deserve nothing more than a nice, solid kick in the face.

The service, offered by San Antonio, Texas-based Global Removal, charges subscribers a $5 lifetime fee to have their e-mail addresses put on a permanent do-not-spam list. Addresses on the list are then compared with, and removed from, mailing lists maintained by Global Removal’s partnering businesses — more than 50 known spammers and an equal number of legitimate e-mail marketers. …

Although businesses that sign up to partner with Global Removal agree to remove addresses from their lists for free, they are enrolled in an affiliate program that earns them $1 for every new subscriber that they bring to the service.”