Skype Me

By Deane Barker on September 15, 2003

I’ve downloaded and installed Skype, so someone call me. My user name us “deane_barker,” or, if you have Skype associated with the “callto://” protocol, you can just click here.

(Don’t know what Skype is? It’s P2P telephony. That explains a lot, I’m sure.)



  1. Er, actually it is just — mostly because I didn’t think people would want to type that godawful long URL lol ;)

    Nice skyping with ya, Deane!

  2. A guy called me out of the blue this morning from Holland (“somewhere in the middle,” he says). He was just testing Skype out.

    Sound quality, even across the world, was great — better than a phone. There was some delay, and he said I would break up every once in a while on his end, but still…

    If I was a phone company, I’d be scared out of my mind right now.

  3. I cancelled most of my Verizon service yesterday afternoon to use Vonage, but since I get my broadband through Verizon (DSL), I had to keep $15/month of service (taxes and miscellaneous charges) just for 30 calls per month that I will never use. It’s still cheaper overall than similar basic service from Verizon only. It’s a shame that digital cable is so expensive and that I’m a dedicated satellite freak, otherwise that $15 would go away. The future of telephony is definitely VoIP.

    Yeah, I know… I’m expecting my house to become sentient any day now.

  4. This software is great. I speak to my friend in the UK from india for more than about 4 hrs and its clearer than a phone line. the is no Lag in the connection. People should remember that headphones are better compared to your speakers. So always use headphones for quality and clarity

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