By Deane Barker on September 12, 2003

sylloge: I am a Windows User: The first two comments here are nice.

“I ended up getting an eMachines m5310 (manufacturer’s page) instead, putting an end to a 20 year stretch of owning and using Apple’s products. It may seem like a funny time to be doing this switch, but none of the current Apple laptops are compelling: the iBooks are underpowered and the Powerbooks are made out of metal. Duh. What good is a laptop without wifi? (Plus, they are really expensive).”

Via Anil Dash.



  1. I think he’s referring to the thinking that the new aluminum power books interfere with the wifi signal. I’m not sure if they do or not. Just something I’ve heard. BTW, airport in a TiBook is where it’s at. Nothing quite like surfing from your backyard.

  2. Underpowered for what? Rendering 3D? As for the TiBook being expensive, I guess if you like driving a Yugo, that’s great.

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