Apple Not As Good As Everyone Thought?

By Deane Barker on September 12, 2003

Apple Computer History Weblog : Who Killed Apple Computer?: An interesting post from an ex-marketing director at Apple. He lambasts the company that everyone holds to believe is the symbol of everything right and good in the computer industry.

“I did it. I killed Apple Computer.

Of course you helped too, if you worked there. Sure, we were assisted by a number of feckless executives, and by venal behavior at Microsoft. But more than anything else, Apple — the old Apple we knew and loved, the one we’re celebrating here — was destroyed by its own diseased and dysfunctional culture.

By the time Steve Jobs returned to the scene, very little could be saved. I salute him for what he accomplished; I don’t think anyone else on this Earth could have pulled it off. And maybe the new Apple he’s building will someday have the same authority and heft as the old one. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that he had to burn the old company to the ground in order to salvage something viable out of it.”



  1. Keep in mind that he is speaking of a time before Steve Jobs returned. I will agree that Apple was in deep trouble in the early 90’s. They had no direction. The Apple you see today however, is an excellent example of how a company can completely reinvent itself and produce products that consumers want. Obviously, it’s difficult to tell what it’s like inside Apple, but from the outside they appear to be doing a lot of things right in an industry full of failing companies.

  2. Burning to the ground what Gil Amelio left behind was the most charitable thing anyone could do. The company nearly died at that time, and for good reason; the hardware Apple produced during the waning years of Amelio’s time were awful. The turnaround that Jobs accomplished was nothing short of astounding, but I believe the Apple of today is even more of an industry leader than the one being lamented by Mr. Mace. For him to say that Apple is no longer the leader in the industry that it was when he was working there makes me wonder in what dark & moldy hole he’s been hiding for the last ten years.

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