Making the Spammer Pay

By Deane Barker on September 11, 2003

No Truce in the Spam Wars: This is wonderful. A spammer filed a lawsuit against two spam blacklists. It was widely believed that the lawsuit was frivolous, and that he filed it just as a warning to others that might try to interrupt his spamming ways.

Well, last week, the spammer tried to withdraw the suit. The blacklists weren’t playing ball, however. They’re resisting his attempt to withdraw and asking the court to decide the case and make the spammer pay their legal fees, reportedly to be around $75,000.

Spamhaus [one of the blacklists] director Steve Linford declined to comment on the new development in the case. But in an online discussion group last Friday, Linford said, ‘We’re going after Felstein [the spammer] personally for every penny. He’s whining he’s broke, but that’s not going to wash. He can sell his house.’

The antipathy between the defendants and Felstein boiled over last May. During a heated moment at a Federal Trade Commission hearing on spam, Adam Brower, who is named in the suit, and Felstein reportedly had to be separated by FTC commissioner Orson Swindle.”