One Down, 260 To Go…

By Deane Barker on September 10, 2003

12-year-old settles music swap lawsuit: That was quick.

“A day after being sued for illegally sharing music files through the Internet, a 12-year-old girl has settled with the Recording Industry Association of America.

She’s the first of 261 defendants to settle their lawsuits with the association.

Brianna LaHara agreed Tuesday to pay $2,000, or about $2 per song she allegedly shared.”



  1. By no means do I claim to be any kind of legal expert, but couldn’t the RIAA’s amnesty program be used against them in a case by the 260 people they are suing.

    Let’s say you are 1 of the 260. Couldn’t you argue that you were picked arbitrarily and now have no means to participate in the amnesty program? That others sharing far more files now have the ability to skate by on the amnesty? That you were previously ignorant of the violation and would have gladly taken the amnesty now that you know right from wrong?

    I know this is far too simple an argument, but these lawsuits cannot be allowed to be the answer the RIAA is seeking. Simple marketing must apply…offer a better, more unique, fairly priced product.

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