Email Never Dies

By on September 2, 2014

Email Will Last Forever: Absolutely agree.

A wave of new companies have recently tried to replace the communication channel people love to hate: email. Slack pretends to be “an email killer”,Asana promises “teamwork without email” etc. But the promise of a world without email is a fantasy.

Email represents a solid pattern of user interaction: The Necessity of Asynchronous Communication


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  1. cmadler says:

    I don't understand the dislike of email. I think it's wonderful. All I need to reach you is one single piece of information -- your email address. I can use whatever email providers I like, I don't have to sign up for some service I don't want (or which has intrusive TOS), I don't have to worry about whether our providers are just works. Plus, if I want, I can (usually) save, print, export, etc. any messages. I can attach other files and receive files that you've attached. And it all happens within moments!

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