Single Purpose Web Sites

By on February 19, 2008

Single Serving Sites: Kottke put together (he was kind of forced to put together) a great list of single purpose Web sites — one page sites that do something interesting. Think “Is It Christmas?

Lately I’ve noticed a pattern of people building Single Serving Sites, web sites comprised of a single page with a dedicated domain name and do only one thing.

I must say I like “Let’s turn this f**cking Web site yellow.” I could have done without the profanity, but I still thought it was funny. Kind of like that new movie Untraceable, but with more color and less poison.



  1. Curtney says:

    These sites looks pointless, but who knows, this my just be the next big thing on the web.

    p.s. Great blog!

  2. Jackson says:
    This is a fun web sites for snappy comebacks.

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