Sex Game Hidden In “GTA: San Andreas”

By Deane Barker on July 11, 2005

ESRB To Investigate GTA ‘San Andreas’ Hidden Porn Content: There’s supposedly a sex game-within-the-game in “GTA: San Andreas.”

A Dutch game modder produced a mod that changes one flag in the game’s config that reveals the sex scenes. The argument has become whether or not he himself created the sex game via a mod, or if his mod uncovered something inserted at Rockstar:

It’s not a big deal if a Wildenborg creates a pornographic version of GTA. But Wildenborg said he has done no such thing. He said the porn movie was built into the game at the factory and his mod simply uncovered it.

A San Andres fan site has posted a video and screen caps of the mod in action. This is all so tragic, really, because “San Andreas” was such a pure, innocent game before this.



  1. sniff, sniff… I think I detect the (not-so-)subtle scent of sarcasm in the final sentence, but hey, what would I know about GTA?

  2. What difference will it make? Is the animated sex explicit enough to warrant an Adults-Only rating? Pretty doubtful unless it shows more than might be seen in an R-rated movie. Plus, are games to be rated based on hidden content?

  3. I don’t get why the violence and nature of the game would be any better than a R rated sex game. Funny how things like that happen go ahead show war, murder and violence but don’t you dare show one of humans favorite and least harmfull activies :)

  4. FREE COUNTRY we’ll make games with XXX sex. If we want to because of the scandal sales increased 78% in the first two weeksteust me i know i work for Rockstar! Im fucking moving to Canada where they can show tits and say the FUCK word on free cable! I am fed up with Bushes BULLSHIT! It makes me sick. I could live in Iraq and be free’er than i am here

  5. I cannot believe America! That’s it. I am going back to India.

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